Forest Reds Flooring

Forest Reds is a blend of medium to large hardwoods harvested from the coastal regions. Timber colour ranging from pale pinks to deep rich reds, which when blended in flooring, gives a particularly warm, luxurious appearance.

Forest Reds Colour Range:

  • Light to dark red heartwood.

Forest Reds Flooring Features:

  • Forest red gum is a versatile, dense and durable hardwood, with a light to dark red heartwood perfect for flooring, decking, construction and furniture making.
  • Janka rating: 12.0
  • Natural Durability: Class 1 (above ground)

Forest Red Gum grows in the coastal districts from Warragul in Victoria to Cairns in Queensland. Whether for structural or finished flooring applications, timber offers durability, versatility and adaptability.

The warmth, strength and natural beauty of timber flooring has proved enduringly popular in a wide variety of interior settings.